Contractor for Sheetrock and Drywall Repairs

Wesley's Drywall works for builders, contractors, electricians, plumbers, heating and air companies, and in Athens Georgia and the surrounding areas to provide Athens GA sheetrock repair services, sheetrock hole patches and repairs, as well as sheetrock installation and finishing.

FAQs about Sheetrock / Drywall:

  • What is Gypsum board?  This is just another of the many names for wallboard.  The common names are sheetrock (sometimes spelled as sheet rock), drywall and plasterboard. 
  • What are some advantages of using sheetrock?  It is lightweight, cost effective and easy to use when painting or adding other textures, vinyl and wall paper.
  • Can I do my own sheetrock repairs?  As with any home project, people love to try to do it themselves sometimes.  However, having a sheetrock patch done properly with have the advantage of looking good (you shouldn't even notice the repair) and lasting longe (who wants to repair the same wall hole twice).
  • We have the equipment to handle all ceiling repairs and patches.  We can match textures like smooth or slick finishes, popcorn finishes, stipple, knock down or spanish lace.

Why Choose Wesley's Drywall for my Sheetrock Repair Needs?

We feel confident that reputation in the Athens GA area speaks for itself, but you can also read testimonials from our clients to see what they think.  Wesley and Bonnie Short are the owners and have been running the company together for many years.  You are working directly with the owner who has been hanging sheetrock since he was 14 years old.  Wesley and Bonnie make sure the customer is satisfied with their work which can range from simple sheetrock patch repairs, drywall crack repair, and installation of drywall or patching holes in the wall or ceiling.

Wesley's Drywall can repair cornerbead crackings, tape joints, nail pops and screw pops, tape coming loose in angles, or cracking sheetrock.  Give us a call for all your sheet rock repair needs!